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Import, Export, Foreign Trade Consultancy
  Today Global Trade controls very important cash flows.

For domestic companies to optimise their processes they must often go abroad in search of raw materials or even focus their search on finished products. The objective will always be to compete in the global market with equal opportunities.

To do this, and based on our experience in global trade, we are pleased to offer our professional services relating to the search for new external suppliers:

We develop suppliers on a global level based on the requirements of your company.


Purchase advice and method of payment for all operations.
Inspection of your product (via direct trip, or via our partners in the country of origin)
Competitive purchase prices based on quality and manufacturing requirements.
Advice on import logistics in all its forms.
Consultancy on the classification of products in order to apply the correct tariff item to the import thereby avoiding increases in unnecessary costs.
Importation into Mexico.
Delivery to facilities on Mexican territory.
  Derived from the diversity of national and international standards in the field of Foreign Trade GlobalPanels/PS&C is emerging as one of the main options for the Global Trade for National Territory in consulting, prevention and development of the logistical operations of their clients in conjunction with the customs agents associated with our team

GlobalPanels/PS&C offers the following preventive advice and consulting services in the field of Foreign Trade and Customs

Exports (tariff treatment and special tax).
Imports of goods of any size and nature within the legal framework.
Tracking of shipments in imports through GlobalPanels/PS&C Tracking
Customs Records and import authorizations.
Tariff Classification.
Application of the criteria derived from the World Trade Organization and Free Trade Treaties.
Prevention in customs clearance.
Consultancy on traffic logistics.
Implementation of Rules of Origin (Preferential Tariff Treatment)
Transfer Pricing.
Consultancy, analysis and compliance with official Mexican standards.
Process handling for obtaining certificates of origin from the Ministry of Economy.
Support Programs: PITEX, ALTEX, Drawback.
Analysis and Process handling of the procedures for obtaining Phytosanitary Permits.
Import or export cost analysis to confirm the viability of projects.
  On the basis of our offer and according to your requirements, at GlobalPanels/PS&C we can develop exactly what you need based on timing and by working together we assure you that thinking Global will achieve your objectives, which will in turn allow you to achieve a greater short-term efficiency and a better return on your processes whether they are manufacturing or sale-purchase  
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