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  imported medium density fiberboard
  Features and Benefits  
  Manufactured in plants certified in the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 environmental standards.  
  MDF with a supple surface and a completely homogeneous porous-free structure.  
  Ideal for painting and grain printing UV processes, this feature is derived from the uniform density and the absence of hollow parts or porosity, or for the application of foil paper or veneer.  
  Complies with the E1 levels of formaldehyde required by the international emissions regulations in testing according to the BS EN120 standard  
  Uses and Applications  
  MDF GP Norbord 600 is a solution for:  
  • The Furniture and Construction industries
  • The Automotive, Naval and Aviation Industries
  • Laminates
  • Veneers
  • Mouldings
  • Decor and wall coating
  • Among many others

  Technical Documentation  
  Flyer Requiere Adobe Reader  
  Trade Measures  
  Dimensions available:   1.22 x 2.44 m. y
1.22 x 3.05 m.
  Thicknesses of:   12, 15 y 18 mm.  
  MDF Norbord 600  
      Our MDF Norbord 600 line is a versatile, high quality product designed with demanding tolerance ranges giving you the reassurance that the product you are using has been built to last. It is CE certified indicating that it has passed all the testing to meet the technical specifications required by the European Community.

The raw material used in the preparation of MDF GP Norbord 600 comes from European forests which are responsibly grown and certified by FSC Chain of Custody Certification No. C012.

Nowadays MDF is one of the most popular materials used in the furniture and construction industries. Norbord continues to be a leader in the production and design of materials of this type.
    The GlobalPanels MDF GP Norbord 600 is suitable for use in furniture, toys, frames, industrial packaging, exhibition stands, doors, decor and coating for walls and ceilings as well as the coating of vehicle interior cabins.  

  Thickness (mm)
Property Test Method Units 12.0 15.0 18.0
Density   Kg/m3 600  600 600
Moisture EN322 % 5 a 11 5 a 11 5 a 11
Internal Resistance EN319 N/mm2 0.45 0.45 0.45
Swelling (24 hrs.) EN317 % Max. 12 Max. 12 Max. 12
Modulus of Rupture EN310 N/mm2 20 20 20
Modulus of Elasticity EN310 N/mm2 2500 2500 2500
Reaction to Fire EN13501-1   Clase D Clase D Clase D
Formaldehyde Removal Level EN120 mg/100g <=8 <=8 <=8
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